In CAMUS COLLECTION we do not measure our furniture by their price, but for its value. Who can put a price on a sunrise or a smile?

Our designs are made with our HANDS. With all rigor and perfection of craftsmanship. The experience and love for the profession that some artisans treasure is a priceless heritage that we are ready to preserve and promote.

Our furniture is designed with our HEART. With the conviction to find something beyond geometry. We seek the origin of certain feelings, linked to sensory experiences. That strange alchemy that occurs inside us when we see and touch certain things. Our designs are to see, touch and above all to feel.

Our customers share a feature that makes them very special. They are not only highly qualified professionals or people of extraordinary taste. They are mostly ADDICTED TO BEAUTY.


The quality of the materials used (Alabaster, american walnut, gold leaf, etc. . ) is such that they ennoble over time instead of aging, getting to raise its attractiveness rather than diminish it.


Our designs have been created outside trends, therefore: what’s not in fashion cannot go out of style. In 100 years they will probably be just as attractive.


This furniture will accompany us throughout life. It is even very likely that our children will inherit them. Therefore by acquiring them we are not just making a purchase but an investment.


Our designs are halfway between sculpture and furniture. Owning one of our furniture not only means that we will enjoy a practical and functional object, but we will also have a piece of strong artistic personality.


Sometimes in an interior design project we need to introduce a very unique element (something like a bit of truffle on a plate of meat) to provide personality to the space.